Born in Fukuoka Pre. Lives in Shiga Pre.
She has been using a brush since 6 years old and strictly learning the basics.
When she was 13 years old, given the calligraphy's name "Shuren".
Her name is lotus flower. at the age of 16, she challenged creative writing.She followed her heart.
After entering university, she began self-study at the age of 19.
Began working as a calligrapher in 1998.
Because of her self-study, she was not tainted by this traditional world of calligraphy,
and always sought new and free calligraphy and continued to pave the way.

Public collections

  • Kyoto Tofukuji Temple / works “Ikka-in”
  • Embassy of Japan in Shanghai / works “Sakura”

Company collection & Logo

  • Toyota Mobility Shiga, LEXUS Otsu
  • Nippon Electric Glass
  • Shiga Bank
  • Heiwado

Please take a look at this as well.



The title logo of the bank's quarterly magazine
CL:Shiga Bank


MDRT-Sony's title


Company title of a 300-year-old Japanese restaurant
CL:Tsuruki Soba




Kita syuzou


Waikiki Yokocho

近江牛 だいきち

Ohmiushi Daikichi


Tenpei Group

鮨 きく池

Sushi Kikuchi


Kanou Syoujuan


I will create a oneofakind work of words
that you think are important in your life.

I will express your precious words and thoughts into calligraphy works of art.
I paint words as I think them, not as I see them.Listening to the voice of your heart,
I will create a piece of work in this world. Please contact us by email first.

The workReference size and price

  • 3050cm¥150,000〜
  • 7070cm¥250,000〜
  • 70140cm¥300,000〜
  • 140140cm¥500,000〜

Includes tax, shipping, and panel tailoring


I can express store names, product names, and titles in various languages such as Japanese, English, and French. The price and size of the title will be decided upon consultation. My greatest desire is to express a heartfelt and one-of-a-kind title for your happiness.

Works can be arranged in a variety of sizes and frames.

Your business card design in calligraphyname only

Your unique business card
written in calligraphy.


Your unique business card

¥38,000 (postage Tax included)


Baby naming in calligraphy
framed gift

A gift to celebrate the birth of a baby.
The baby's name is heartfeltly written in calligraphy and is loved by many people.


¥30,000 (postage Tax included and color paper frame)

*Please feel free to contact us.

Calligraphy is an expression of your true heart.
In my class, you can enjoy the beauty ofcalligraphy while feeling the four seasons of Japan.
Let's try calligraphy together!

Kusatsu Atelier Classroom in Shiga (15 minutes drive from JR Kusatsu Station)

Toyota Mobility Shiga Hamaotsu Class in Shiga Toranomon-Classroom in Tokyo

*Please contact us for details.